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  • GREENIES PILL POCKETS are made with natural ingredients; this healthy dog treat comes in a variety of flavors, including chicken, real peanut butter and hickory smoke; they mask the smell of the medication for a stress-free, mess-free experience
  • PILL POCKETS Treats for Dogs are easy to use. Just place the medicine capsule or tablet inside the pocket, pinch it closed and share it with your dog; give your dog medicine disguised as a great-tasting dog treat
  • Pets are smart about avoiding their meds, but you’re smarter; designed and recommended by vets, GREENIES PILL POCKETS Treats for Dogs make it easy to give your dog medicine, Greenies Pill Pockets help mask the smell of medication



I have long been a proponent of giving pills in cheese, peanut butter and hotdogs as this is “healthier” and easier. However, with my current dog who takes 6 pills a day for a range of different needs, these options were no longer working.

For the first year, he took the pills with ease in peanut butter. After about 6 months, I suspect I began to taste the pills in the peanut butter and began literally turning his nose up whenever offered.

I transitioned to hiding them in cheese which lasted less than a week. As the clever Aussie he is, he would easily pick the pills out of the cheese in his mouth, spit the pills out, swallow the cheese, and then look at me expectantly for the second round of cheese.

On to hotdogs. This lasted for a bit longer as he was so excited to have hotdogs he would literally swallow them whole. It would take a whole hot dog a day, which became pretty expensive quickly, but he seemed happy. One unlucky day, however, he bit into the hotdog, causing one of the capsules to open. White powder went all over his mouth, resulting in sneezing, vomit and a general disgust for hotdogs.

Next was hiding the pills in wet food with his meals, though he even learned to pick around them in there. I was finally at my wits end and decided to invest in pill pockets. I always thought they were a “gimmick” and did not have my hopes high.

I got the “capsule” size and stuffed two capsules and 1 small pill in one of the pockets. I proceeded to close it and he proceeded to gobble it down. In the past 2 months since we started using pill pockets, he has never refused one. He excitedly waits for his pill pocket every morning and evening. He has even chewed on these without any issues.

These are 100% NOT gimmicks. Take it from a person who could not get her dog to take his pills before pill pockets, these are a life-saver. Thank you for making it easy and quick to give my dog the pills he needs every day.



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