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The TOP Seven Most Common Mistakes Horse Owners Make

Blunder # 7– Assuming You Can Get on Any Horse and Simply Ride Away Not all steeds are the exact same. Some you could hop on and also quickly trip. […]

Green striped lizard

What Kind of Lizards Make the Best Pets?

A Bearded Dragon is a prominent lizard choice. These reptiles could expand to 20 inches and Skinks can grow anywhere from 12 to 20 inches, depending on which type you […]

Green striped lizard

Knowing the Temperature Requirements of Exotic Pets

Knowing the Temperature Requirements of Exotic Pets So, you want to get an exotic pet, huh? Maybe you are tired of your regular dog and your good old cat. Maybe […]

Baby Monkey on Momma

Fundamentals of Exotic Pet Monkey Care

Exotic animals, like monkeys, may indeed be appealing as pets but such is definitely in infraction of the animals’ natural living condition. Separated from its mother, an exotic pet monkey […]

Cuddly green snake

Reptiles Have Special Needs

  Reptiles have actually been maintained as pets for many years, yet as the number of pet stores has grown so has the number of reptiles kept as pets. What […]

Exotic Lion Fish

How to Name Your Exotic Pet?

How to Name Your Exotic Pet? Today, it is common and acceptable to name pets after humans. Words of caution though; never give identical names to your child and your […]

Thinking About Buying a Pet Rabbit – Some Helpful Things You Should Know

This article reveals interesting rabbit facts plus information for anyone wishing to get a pet rabbit. I While rabbits are very cute and cuddly, they also have fascinating behaviors that […]

Spring Pet Poisons

Download our Spring Toxins Newsletter Gardening season is here! Plant bulbs are just as excited to break through the ground to add some color to our yards as we are […]

The Complete Beginners Guide to Keeping Snakes

The beauty of keeping reptiles is that once you’ve set up their caging requirements and learned a few basic skills, there are many species that can be safely and efficiently […]

What do Pet Rabbits Need-5 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting One

Maybe you are thinking about adopting your first pet rabbit or you just did get one and now all kind of questions are coming into your head, like what do […]

Cats, Dogs and Human Food – How Can Our Food Harm Our Pets?

We’re all guilty of it – giving in to those big begging eyes pleading at us for a scrap from the table during dinner. Fido knows just how to get […]

Seven Habits of Highly-Effective Owners of Elderly Dogs

Man’s best friend is living longer than ever. This is due to our beloved canines’ increased status as family member and families becoming conscientious about providing their dogs’ appropriate veterinary […]

Cat Stress Relievers – 10 Things That Stress Your Cat Out!

Most of us know that cats are easily stressed.  Even a minor variation in your cat’s daily routine can make him a nervous wreck!  Major changes, like moving or the […]

The Most Popular Pets

While there are literally thousands of animals that could be considered pet-worthy, there are a few basic types accessible to most families. There are some others that are popular but […]

Benefits of rabbits as pets

Looking for a pet who is playful as kittens, fascinating as cats or affectionate as dogs? A rabbit carries all these characters and makes them lovely pets. The earliest relationship […]