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Benefits of rabbits as pets

Looking for a pet who is playful as kittens, fascinating as cats or affectionate as dogs? A rabbit carries all these characters and makes them lovely pets. The earliest relationship between humans and rabbits was all about fur and food, however, from the 18th-century people have been keeping rabbits as pets. In the modern world, they are most comfortable pets to look after than cats and dogs. Their strikingly distinctive personalities make them stand out against other pets. Scientists even suggest that rabbits have a higher intelligence level than other species. There are many benefits of rabbits as pets; the most obvious benefit is that they are adorable creatures. Indeed, it is hard to resist their fluffy cute face. Other benefits of rabbits as pets include;

They are quiet creatures
Rabbits do not bark or make loud noises like other pets. They are very quiet pets that even your neighbor will not realize you own one. If you are looking for peace of mind and quit, then a rabbit is the right pick for you.

They bond quickly with their owners
Rabbits quickly recognize their owners who frequently interact with them. The recognition is through sight and voice. Communicating regularly with your bunny will make your rabbit follow you from room to room and even jump on your lap when called.

Easy to train
Due to their high intelligence level, it is easy to train a rabbit. Moreover, you can even use the same techniques used to train dogs to teach a rabbit. With just a few minutes of training, they can learn to do a lot of staff such as running through mazes and retrieving items. They are brilliant that even your rabbit will teach you some new things that you never knew.

Many breeds to choose from
Rabbits have many species. Whether you want a little dwarf bunny or a lop-eared rabbit, there will be one that will catch your eyes.

They are clean
Rabbits are not very messy pets. They are relatively clean as they can naturally groom themselves. However, remember to keep their living area regularly cleaned.

No need for strolling
You do not need to take your rabbit for walks out in the wind or rain. They only require three to four hours of exercise to help them stay healthy. It can be through letting them run around the house or in your backyard.

Relieves stress
Pets’ specialists suggest that pets are an excellent source of relieving human stress. Well, a rabbit also has these benefits. Humans benefit a lot from playing and stroking with their rabbits. It is a relaxing feeling for you as well as your rabbit.

They do not cost much and require less maintenance. A rabbit is an ideal pet for a busy owner who has a tight schedule on other tasks.

Ecological friendly
Among all other benefits of rabbits as pets, many people do not realize that they are environmental friendly pets. You can grow their food such as kale. In turn, you will be contributing to a healthy environment by reducing the waste production from manufacturing of commercial food.

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